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Will your summer romance last the winter?

10-12 love miles: WEEKEND BREAK


You are a passionate, gregarious character and so you love a holiday romance. You’re usually in love before you’ve finished your first cocktail on the beach. You have a romantic nature and see the good in every partner, viewing them through rose-coloured sunglasses. When relationships finish, you’re great at bouncing back and usually move on to the next person rapidly. So I’m afraid I don’t hold out many long-term hopes for this relationship. It will continue for as long as you get your fix of attention and romance, so if you want a long-term love you might have to put in a lot of effort. For a better long-term bet, look for someone who lives close to you and with whom you feel comfortable and secure. No, it’s not “dull”, it’s durable!



Profiles: 10-12 love miles: WEEKEND BREAK
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