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Bourgeois love potion
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Bourgeois love potion

Thankfully it’s not as painfully quiet as it was when we first arrived. This probably has something to do with the drinks on offer - ‘Love’ cocktails made up of vodka and absinthe. A bourgeois love potion if ever there was one. “We’ll have two!” The first round is about to get under way - we were chickens and signed up for the second. It’s good to scope out the competition, I think.

The hosts are The Tenor Ladies - cross-dressing flamboyants who are the toast of the cabaret world. They keep things lively with some loud and lewd chatter - it’s a good icebreaker.

There are ‘stations’ dotted about the space where the girls sit and wait for the boys to come and weave three minutes of magic (hopefully). It’s kind of funny, because the daters, dotted between the sculptures and silver ping-pong table (another Arad creation) kind of become one with the exhibition.

You can do quirky things too like send a text message to a suitor which will be projected on the snazzy ‘Lolita’ LED chandelier. The event is named ‘Speed Dating with Lolita’ after it.

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