Single parent dating: Get it right
Single parent dating: Get it right

Single parent dating: Get it right

Dating means I could start relationships with a few different people. How do I protect my children?

Dating and relationships are very unpredictable. You might think you’ve met the man or woman of your dreams, but ultimately it might not work out.

You’ll never be 100% sure that the person you introduce to your children will be 'The One' who’ll be around forever. But you can delay that person from meeting your children until they’ve met these three criteria:

1) You’ve been on 8 dates.

Well, sort of. How many dates you’ve been on really is up to you, but the idea is that you’ve really started to get to know each other well, and you’ve had different experiences together in different environments. i.e. you’ve not just been for lots of drinks in your local pub!

2) You know they like you

It might not be a comfortable conversation but you’re well within your rights to say: “I have more than just myself to consider here, are you serious about developing our relationship?”

3) You’re compatible

In saying this we don’t mean that you both like Stilton cheese and playing backgammon. What we mean is that you and your date feel like a great fit and have the same outlook on life. You and this other person should both be excited about the prospect of a long-term relationship if they’re going to meet your children.

On that note, make sure that when this person meets your children it’s short and sweet. Go to the park, or for lunch, and just keep it very casual. Don’t be particularly affectionate with each other; this is about the children, not you as a couple.

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