Single parent dating: Get it right
Single parent dating: Get it right

Single parent dating: Get it right

What if my children don’t like me dating?

If your children are old enough to have a negative reaction to you going out and meeting new people, then they’re old enough for you to talk with them honestly about the situation.

You can still do this from a very young age; treat your children with the respect they deserve. Explain it clearly:  “I'm going to spend some time with friends because it makes me feel happy. I’ll make sure we do something fun together tomorrow.”

The most important thing is that you acknowledge there’s a change in routine. If you don’t say anything your child will fill in the blanks and potentially come to the wrong conclusions; the most likely of which is that they’re no longer a priority for you.

Reassure them that they’ll always be your number one, and make sure that they know they can ask any questions they want to.

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