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17 Problems ‘The Taken Girl’ Has On A Girls Night Out

Vivian KELLY
by Vivian KELLY Published on January 27, 2015

Feel like being the only one that's NOT single in your clique is the most frustrating thing EVER? Especially on a night out? Us too. As the go-to wing woman and 24-hour agony aunt it's no surprise our single GF's cause us nothing but grief (not that they mean to!). Ladies, here are 17 taken girl problems every girl has to put up with on a girl's night out...

1. Being 'the wing woman'

Basically, you're every single girl's b*tch. Every guy she likes is now your new BFF for the night. The only problem is... his friend thinks you're single. #awkward

2. GNO chaperone

You're her only 'true friend' for the night. If she's had too much to drink, is being easy, or can't even stand up, you're the first one to come to her rescue. (Yep, you're the best.)

3. Relationship guru

She ALWAYS asks you for dating advice. "Why hasn't he texted me yet? What if I see my ex there? OMG. What should I say?" You know the drill.

4. Being a loner for half the night

When you're on a night out with your girlies you know there's a 90 percent chance you're basically gonna get DITCHED. Great friends...

5. Being the automatic ‘bitch’ or the 'shy' one in the group

Just because you're not all over someone, every guy thinks you're either having a the worst night ever or are 'really shy', apparently.

6. Rolling with all the sleazy guys

It doesn't matter how scary THAT man looks, if your BFF needs assistance, you're going in. But not without accusations of course. "Jealousy","cock blocking?" Ugh, so wrong.

7. Watching your girls thirst over every fit man in sight...

...while you stand in a corner sipping away at your Gin & Tonic and trying not to look like a loser.

8. Being prepared to wipe away the tears

Admit it, you're always the first shoulder to cry on when your GF is having a 'moment'. Gin tears - move aside.

9. Sending the wrong signals

Yes, we're alone. Yes, we can hold a conversation BUT that doesn't mean we're single. Can you not see the gamma rays of hatred from my eyes? 'Tis necessary.

10. Wishing your girl would stop acting so man hungry for 5 minutes


11. Ending up at McDonald's for some post-party grub...

...and annoyingly having to talk to every drunken man that's trying to hit on you and your bestie.

Bed, I want you now.

12. Accepting a drink from a random dude because you didn’t want to be rude...

He didn't even ask though...

13. Dancing with yourself most of the night and not giving a crap what anyone else thinks

...just kidding. Where the HELL is everyone? *text messages frantically*

14. Being less drunk than the others

The last thing your boyfriend wants to see is you coming home a hot mess. Besides, the hangovers aren't worth it anymore.

15. Never having the right thing to say

Looking super hostile never works so when we try to save a man's breathe with 'Sorry I have a BF' (i.e. the truth) they act as if they had no intentions. ‘I'm just being friendly’. Sure.

But if you tell him after he talks you up he instantly gets defensive, ‘Why didn’t you sa something?’

Abort situation immediately!

16. Having to text your BF so he doesn't go Crazy

Lets face it, our men freaks out just as much as we do when we don't bother checking in.

17. Bailing out

Leaving early sometimes because you cannot deal. Sorry, not sorry.

What #takengirlproblems do you have? Tweet us @wewomenCA!

by Vivian KELLY
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