Single at Christmas
Don't want to be single?
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Don't want to be single?

Fed up of being single? Getting those sad knowing looks from your relatives? Tired of hearing how happy your coupled up friends are, 'we-ing' in every sentence?

Then it's time to take drastic action:

  1. Say yes to every invite; keeping busy means you have less time to dwell on being allll by yourseeeellllf... don't wanna be... you get the picture. And besides you never know who'll meet.
  2. Ask your friends to introduce you the hot guys you've seen in their recent Facebook pics.
  3. Join dating sites and enjoy meeting people for festive themed dates in the lead up to Christmas - it will boost your confidence and you may even get a few free meals, a present or even a boyfriend? You never know!
  4. Think yourself lucky. Remember that being in a couple isn't all good - at least you don't have to spend the day making small talk with the in-laws or shelling out £100's for a XBox that he'll love but won't stop playing for the next 12-months.
  5. Kellan Lutz, Joe Jonas, George Clooney, Jared Leto, Keanu Reeves... there's so many hot eligible bachelors out there but those coupled up girls won't get a look in now. More for you!
  6. Plan an after Xmas solo get-a-way! Go on a girlie trip or a group activity holiday. Being out of your comfort zone and forced to interact with people you don't know could lead to meeting the man of your dreams.
  7. Ask a guy you like out yourself - sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns. Don't be shy!

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