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Innaccessible men

Innaccessible men

Olivia, 31, Bristol

Two years ago I went on holiday with my cousin to get over being dumped by my boyfriend. She was off camping with a big group of friends, which was just what I needed at the time. As soon as we arrived I noticed Morgan, the 'fit one.' Obviously I wasn't the only one - he had all the girls flitting around him but none of them dared make a move on him because they thought he was inaccessible. But I had nothing to lose, so I went for it and went to his tent one night. We kissed, and that was all. The next day I acted as if nothing had happened, and we ended up in his tent again the next night - he was really keen! I managed to forget all about being dumped and I think all the girls respected me a bit more when I told them all he wasn't all that good in bed after all!


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