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Public transport: the route to love?
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To get to the bottom of this I speak to my wellbeing guru friend Georgie. She met her husband on the tube! Georgie had been in a ten-year relationship she described as ‘bad for her’. So bad, in fact, that her mother whisked her off on a yoga retreat to help mend the scars. It must’ve done her some good because she promptly arrived back in London and dumped said toxic man instructing him not to call her again. Two months later she sees a guy ahead of her making his way to the platform at Highgate tube station. She describes a white light around him (hey, she’s very into her alternative therapies, so bear with her on this one…) and feels like she simply has to meet him. She hurriedly buys a ticket, hotfoots it onto the tube behind him and picks a seat opposite: a tactical move.

She’s sat trying to get eye contact and feeling quite strongly that they must speak. She just needs an opening… "And then I saw it, his legs were shaking". Not sure how that’s an opening, but she takes it. She’s nothing if not brave. "Excuse me mate, but your legs seem to be shaking". Well, he leaps at the opportunity to respond and smiles knowingly before saying, "It would be awful if I didn’t take you out for lunch." Sigh. Now this seems like one of those very rare, not to mention random, encounters but Georgie is a believer: "I just knew I had to speak to him and I thought, what have I got to lose?" It’s a good point. They exchanged email addresses, he mailed her that day and they went for lunch. After the date, she called her mother and said "I just met the guy I’m going to marry". Again, sigh. And they did.

I tell Georgie my story about Muji Man. She chastises me for not taking the obvious opening -  I had to say "Oh wow, we’re in the same carriage again". I let it pass by. The opening, she insists, is crucial. So what are her tips?

1.)  If you see someone you like, position yourself near to them and start making eye contact.
2.)  If you sense a vibe that they like you too then say something; anything! Something funny and observational preferably. "Guys just need a lead in" she explains.
3.)  Once you’ve 'made contact’, if he’s interested he will (yes, will) follow up by asking for a number. If not, be brave and ask him. If you get a sense that he likes you too then why not?


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