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Public transport: the route to love?
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"Bars are not the place to meet men". If I had a drink for every time some bright spark has told me this I’d be dead. Now I don’t know if it’s said because there’s some idea that you won’t meet the right sort of man in a drinking establishment, but the fact is I met ALL of my past boyfriends in bars. And as I run through a mental checklist of my friends’ relationships most of them met their partners in bars too. And some of them are married now. Imagine that!

I don’t buy all this meeting men at book clubs, supermarkets or salsa classes; you look/feel like a weirdo at the best of times trying to approach people you fancy, but at least at a bar/club/festival there is an unspoken level of understanding that romantic fumbles may take place. This, for me, makes it easier. Since getting a bit older the notion of ‘getting off’ with someone in a bar or club feels a little less comfortable than in dodgy clubs in my late teens or uni days, but still it’s not off limits. However, beyond bars, where else is good to ‘pick up’ (interpret this how you will…) men? Well lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about public transport…


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