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Your ideal man respects your freedom and lets you be the woman you want to be. If you're not jealous and don't like having rules imposed on you, you need an independent man! Over time a couple can often find that they're confined to certain roles, the woman doing this, the guy doing that...and before you know it, routine becomes part of daily life.

So step away from the cocooning and humdrum routine. Hey, you want to continue seeing your friends, spending evenings without him, basically having another life where you're known as yourself, not just "his other half". And it's because he respects this that you love him! What's more, an independent man who continues to lead his life with the boys is quite alluring. No obligatory visits to the pool hall or motor show!
The independent man does what he likes and imposes nothing on you. Independent, yes he is, but not all the time. Even though he likes partying and being with his friends, secretly, the moments that he appreciates the most are the ones he spends in your company.

So even if he leaves you to meet your friends without asking questions, he likes nothing more than knowing you're smitten with him, which makes him even more gorgeous. This guy could easily be buddies with George Clooney.


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