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Imagine walking through London or Edinburgh with a man who could enthusiastically tell you stories about the roads you cross and places you pass. It's a beautiful image, a long way from the coach potato who takes pleasure in watching telly all Sunday afternoon!

With this guy, it's museum visits, discovery and never-ending curiosity! In short, an intellectual, even artistic character. He likes looking at paintings and even enjoys creating his own artwork. If he had been Monet, you would have been his source of inspiration. This ideal man believes in putting family first and can't wait to pass on his love of culture and arts to his future tots.

Quite chic and very bohemian, this type has class and knows how to emphasize his features. He also likes you to remind him that he's good-looking (yes ladies, we need to reassure our other halves too!). He likes to invite you out to the theatre or go to exhibition openings because it's important for him to share his passions with you. Far from being self-centred, he also likes surprising you by inviting you to the best restaurants in town.

He's quite romantic and what you like best about him is his curiosity and creativity. Even though you're his inspiration, it's him and his little ways that inspire your daily happiness! With such a man, you can stop fantasizing about Robert Redford!


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