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Meeting Mr Right online
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Is it a good place to meet?

Is it a good place to meet?

Is it a mode of meeting and communicating that will continue to develop in the future?
Virtual and digital meetings will most likely continue to develop. The net is a fantastic hub with so many attractions that its rapid expansion, in many forms, will continue.

Aren't we wanting everything quicker: shopping, food, information, love?
Our lifestyles are running at high speed! Everything's happening quicker and quicker, it's a high-speed society, so why not high-speed love and relationships too?
The Internet is a cross between relationship channel-hopping and fast love! But sometimes it works out.

Do you think that the Internet is a threat to classic ways of meeting up (work, leisure time, parties...) ?
Yes and no. Most people who visit dating sites also have a good social life. The net's an additional weapon in your quest for the perfect partner, but it's no substitute for other ways of meeting people. Real life hasn't had its day just yet!


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