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Some recommendations

Some recommendations

If you're still a bit hesitant, remember this: the Internet is a great source of people and emotions. Chatting, bonding, visiting the profiles of guys who are waiting to be contacted, and taking part in the excitement of searching for love can get addictive!
Virtual meetings are exciting and distant and that's what makes them more fascinating. There's mystery, desire, doubt. Whoever you end up bonding with, you'll want to speak to him more and find out more about him. Watch out for growing impatience and frenzy.

Is he on-line all the time? Will he come speak to you? You might have net meetings at fixed times, weekly or daily. It's likely there will be some disappointments, but surprises as well - and maybe even love. But be careful, don't forget to protect yourself: you're dealing with an unknown so give yourself time to believe in the beautiful image that he gives out.

All the same, there are more and more couples who met through the Internet, who are now happily shacked up together, so remind yourself that it can happen to anyone! Why not you?


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