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Online dating vocabulary

Online dating vocabulary

Before taking part in a chat, it's worth knowing what you're heading into. Here's a glossary of the most commonly used phrases.

"btw": by the way.

"Can I invite you to dinner?": if it's for a first date, go for a drink instead: it's easier to leave early and you won't have to argue over the bill!

"Hello you beautiful thing": flirt alert! He thinks that you're going to fall for his charm in the click of a mouse!

"imho": in my humble opinion.

"live for the moment", "hedonist": If he uses these words in conversation or in his profile, be warned...unless, of course, you're only out for a bit of fun!

"lol"Laughing out Loud or Lots of Laughs. If you can make him laugh you're off to a good start!
"rotfl": Rolling on the floor laughing. Once again, you're scoring points. But don't put all your eggs in one basket. Having several "targets" at the same time means you'll have many hours of fun chatting on the net. Remember that flirting is good for morale!

"sos": sorry. A man that can apologize is a rare gem! 


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