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No online dating site requires you to use your own photo, but let's be grown up now. Those cyber blokes will be expecting a minimum amount of honesty and like to put a face to the profile.

Should I post a photo or not? You can be upfront and open: you are who you are and you accept it. So use a photo that shows you in a good light but is still the "normal" you. Or you could not post a photo and risk either disappointing him on the first date (it works both ways) or not attracting his attention in the first place.

His comments. Men are just as suspicious as women: without a photo, they might not bother contacting you, or they might keep asking why you haven't put one up. OK, it's not easy to put your photo on the net knowing that men are primarily interested in how you look and you're never going to be Scarlett Johansson, but people will comment on your photo - and yes, that includes compliments!

At the same time, if a guy starts being rude, remind yourself that it's easy to insult someone from behind a computer screen, but it's easy to ignore him and ban him from ever contacting you again.


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