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The Salsa Siren


 - The Salsa Siren
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The Salsa Siren is a woman who has not forgotten the power of seduction. She mesmerizes men with the rhythm of the beat and they willing follow wherever she leads.

Angelique, Salsa teacher at London’s Salsa! (www.barsalsa.co.uk) said, ‘A Salsa class is a place where you can go on your own as a single person, make a whole new group of friends and possibly meet Mr. Right in the process.’

If nothing else, dancing is great fun and good exercise – and if you meet someone while you’re doing it, you’re already guaranteed to have a shared interest!

To be a Salsa Siren -
Keep an eye out for advertisements in your favourite bars and clubs or try looking online for local classes at www.salsamap.com


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