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The dating diaries: musical dates
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Top 40 singles... Ohhh, I get it!


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So what’s the premise? There are 20 men and 20 women - the Top 40 singles in London, ha ha - and each person brings a copy of their favourite single for the DJ to play them during the evening.

This serves as an extra ice breaker if conversation gets particularly difficult. My single? Faith, George Michael. Not what you’d call cool but an undeniably great pop song and, well, out of this world to dance to. Or so I thought...

Unusually for speed dating, the men actually outweighed the women. It makes sense doesn’t it? It’s a record shop for god’s sake!

Think High Fidelity and you get the picture. That said, if someone resembling Jack Black’s character had been there I think I might’ve been tempted. And John Cusack’s? For sure!

In a nutshell, the guys were OK. No better. Quite a few I spoke to worked in music but not in a dynamic, glamorous way - in a nerdy, collectors way. I’ve been out with a man like this before and it’s no fun at all.

Every time the radio comes on it turns into a music quiz and I can hear the Countdown theme music in my head as I desperately try to distinguish my Neil Youngs from my James Taylors.

Needless to say, I was feeling more and more wary, especially since the guys just seemed to want to exchange record sleeve notes with each other rather than eye up the chicks. Where’s your Motley Crew hell raiser when you need one?


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