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The dating diaries: musical dates

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© Polka Dot - The dating diaries: musical dates
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Can Valentine Taylor feel the music at dating event?

The fact that Time Out had it under its ‘Weird Dating’ category didn’t bode well but what the hell, what’s the worst that could happen? You know last month I said I’d never speed dated before and probably never would again? I lied. But this time, it’s going to be different. Why? Music.    

This is a singles night (ugh, I shudder just to say the words) focused around music - the Top 40 to be precise. Now, I’m surprising myself with my willingness to try these dating events but when there’s a music angle it’s infinitely more appealing. Plus this particular night, held at the ice-cool Pure Groove independent record store in trendy Smithfields, strikes me as my kinda party.

The place is designed for in-store events including gigs so the CD racks are out of the way, replaced by tables and chairs, and there are a few sofas (for heavy petting later??). There is also a bar in the store – praise the lord for that. It’s impossible to speed date without the crutch of alcohol.


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