Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating
Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating
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Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating

Decide whether multi-dating is for you

Multi-dating is great if you’re faced with lots of dating options. Why should you turn down tall, dark and handsome Pete, just because you’ve been on a couple of dates with intelligent surfer Sam? However, multi-dating also has its downside.

For one thing, it requires you to have a great memory (nothing will kill the mood quicker than calling someone the wrong name, or asking about their passion for waves, when they're a surf virgin), and multi-dating also needs you to be totally OK morally with dating two (or more) people at the same time.

If any of this picture we’ve painted is ringing alarm bells then don’t do it.

Dating should be fun, but if you’re constantly anxious that one date will see you on a date with another person, then you’ll end up miserable and won't enjoy the experience at all. 

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