Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating
Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating
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Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating

Step 3: Be honest 

When multi-dating you need to be honest on two counts. Firstly, be honest with yourself about the process. Are you enjoying it?

Are you finding it more hassle than it’s worth? Are you doing it for the right reasons (i.e. do you actually want to date different people, or is it just an ego-boost?)
Secondly, you should be honest with your dates. You don’t need to explicitly tell each date you’re seeing other people, but if they ask you should tell them what you’re doing.

It’s good karma, and in the event your two worlds collide, at least you can have a clear conscience. You might find that they're playing you at your own game - how that makes you feel should be quite telling about whether multi-dating is something you can handle.

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