Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating

Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating
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Multi-dating: How to manage multi-dating

How to manage multi-dating

In the age of the internet, and with more of us staying single for longer, we’re all becoming a bit American in our approach to dating.

Multi-dating, once only really seen in episodes of Sex And The City, is becoming more and more prevalent. But, it’s not for everyone. The potential for disaster is two fold - mixing up names and details, to swapping salvia with multiple mouths, isn't multiple dating a little er, nasty?

Or is it a great way to get to know what you want and who you don't, in double time? Whether you're dabbling in multi-dating or just wondering about how it all works, here’s a four-step guide to managing multi-dating from eHarmony’s relationship advice expert Jules Filsell.

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