Mature dating: 5 pitfalls to avoid
Mature dating: 5 pitfalls to avoid

Mature dating: 5 pitfalls to avoid

Pitfall #4: Being overly modest

We Brits have a horrible habit of being overly modest. In fact, when the wonderful actor Jim Broadbent won his Oscar in 2002, he hadn’t even prepared a speech as he was so sure he wouldn’t win.

Generally this is a great trait; no one likes a show off. But, when it comes dating it pays to put yourself out there. Not in a showy or slutty way, but in a way that says ‘Hey! I’m a great catch and I’m totally happy with my lot!’

If you’ve been in a long term relationship and it’s been a while since you last dated it can be very hard to re-learn just how to put yourself out there. Whether that’s gaining the confidence to ask someone you like for a drink, knowing what to put on your online dating profile or being positive about your achievements on a first date.

The main thing to remember is that if you’re not shouting about your great qualities then no one else will be, and if it’s a tossup between the woman who talks herself down all the time and the one with a bit of oomph, most men will go for the latter.

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