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​Man Hacks: Instant Wins Guys Can Do For Major Girl Points

Vivian KELLY
by Vivian KELLY Published on September 9, 2014

Want to be irresistible to women? Want to know the secrets of how to win her love and trust for the long haul? Well, there are a few things you fellas can do to instantly win our hearts, and when we say instantly we mean, instantly. Trust us, girls aren't as shallow as you think. Here are 19 man hacks you can do to score some major girl points. We promise, she won't be disappointed...

Want to win a woman's heart? Not a problem. Follow these simple man hacks and bag the woman of your dreams...

1. Spontaneous flowers

Buying a girl a bouquet of flowers when it's not Valentine's, your anniversary, or her birthday is far more special. Bring flowers on the first date or surprise us when we least expect it. There's no doubt we'll be impressed. (Just don't forget those other dates we mentioned.)

2. Giving compliments we can't resist

"You look good" and "I like your top" aren't the kind of compliments that's gonna make our hearts flutter. We don't want half assed niceties. We want to hear things that are personalised and come from the heart. If you feel it, say it.

3. The forgotten gesture

Getting the door slammed in your face is the last thing a girl wants. Please, be a gentleman and open the door.

4. Making effort with our friends...

...is HOT. It shows that he cares and is making the effort to get to know you. Showing initiative to get closer to your family and friends is a man worth getting to know, ya feel me?

5. Respect for older women and men

Showing respect to elders is a way of showing he cares for humanity. We should all be willing to help those who have crossed the path before us. This man has morals. We like it.

6. Appreciating our fashion sense

Asking for our fashion advice is one of the biggest compliments you can give a woman. Admire it and we will admire you.

7. Talking about his love for animals

There's nothing more cute than seeing a guy turn into an excited five-year-old when he see's a little pup. (By the way, bonus points if he likes cats.)

8. He's great with kids

Who wants to date a grumpy old man who doesn't value the joy of children? Pointing out every "adorable" baby and not being able to wait until the next time he gets to play wrestle with his nephews means he's baby-friendly AND mature. Win on both counts.

9. He respects your mom

Asking how your mum is and making it a priority to impress her shows that this guy mean serious business. Even better if he compliments her! Now you've really made an impression. In love.

10. He's enthusiastic

Boyfriends who put you on mute? Now that's just rude. A guy who shows enthusiasm when you're talking to him shows that he's actually interested, engaged, and really cares about what you have to say. Now that's a man worth talking to.

11. He's hard-working

A man who doesn't need to be told to take out the trash, help wash the dishes, and generally help out is a prayer answered from God. The best piece of advice you'll ever get? If a man is lazy he will ALWAYS be lazy. Showing us you're not gets rid of half the worry. Thank you.

12. He's an encyclopedia of knowledge

Telling us random facts about a painting you saw at a gallery or a monument you drove pass (whether he looked it up or not) shows that he's more than just good looks. He's intelligent, and that is sexy.

13. He's ambitious

Jeez, there's nothing worse than being with a man that doesn't know what he wants in life, right? If his eyes light up every time he talks about his dreams and aspirations THIS is what will inspire us. This is what will challenge us. His positive attitude and infectious ambition is sure to leave a mark.

14. A man that isn't afraid to say 'I'm proud of you'

Everyone needs a bit of validation. There's nothing better than hearing those words from someone that means so much to you. Recognising a woman's efforts and being VOCAL about it is the best thing a man can do. This is how to make a girl feel special. Speak up, boys!

15. He takes his passion seriously

Doing his job and going to work every day is like heroin to him. The elation he gets from doing what he loves is addictive, and he can't get enough of it. We want that, too.

16. He asks three important questions

Although life has its moments, there's NO reason a woman should doubt her man's love for her. If he asks you these three questions on the regular he may just be a keeper.

1. How​ are you?
2. How are you feeling/ Are you okay?
3. How was your day?

(And they say women are complicated.)

17. He has a protective nature

Ensuring we get home OK when he knows we have a long way back isn't being clingy. It's called "giving a damn".

18. He's a feminist

We're so over the neanderthal type. A man who actually stands up for women's rights, who's disgusted with street harassment women face every day (just because she's wearing a skirt), who advocates for equal pay, and who doesn't think women owe men sh*t is a man who believes in social justice. YES, a man who actually understands.

19. Calling his mom or sister

Seeing him call his mom or sister shows that not only is he close with his family, but he also might be a mama's boy. If anything, that's a good thing. Having positive female role models in his life means that he's more likely to be a gentleman and that's what every woman really wants.

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