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Expert's view

Why is it that we fall in love so easily at the office?  
People need an opportunity to meet! In our daily lives, we actually meet very few new people. We always mix with the same ones. The office is a great place to meet new people; it can be a mix of people you've known for years and people you've just met. We estimate that it takes a half to two-thirds less time to meet someone at work than it does outside of work.  

How do you account for relationships between people who hold very different positions in the company, and is it different for men and women? 
Power has definite appeal and it would appear it could even be an aphrodisiac. A study in the US found that one woman in two who has a relationship with someone at work is beneath her partner in the company. It's true of male managers who have relationships with their female subordinates, and the reverse is true when the woman is her office lover's superior. It is curious that getting intimate with people lower down the company hierarchy is a real turn-on, hence matches like MDs and receptionists, or HR managers and factory workers.


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