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Breaking up with someone at work, ex at work, coworkers

Breaking up with someone at work, ex at work, coworkers

Breaking up is never easy, so imagine having to come face to face with the rat who dumped you/the loser you let go of (delete as appropriate) in the office. Every. Single. Day. Difficult to get over someone when you have to cope with seeing their face, their nasty looks, comments and - God forbid - new girlfriend. Not only will you take longer to heal, but your work will certainly suffer as a consequence.

Getting over it
Even if you manage to cope with the changes in your love life at work, nasty tongues will still be wagging and if you put a foot wrong in the break-up, your private lives will be headline news all over again. If you work in the same department, there won't exactly be a party atmosphere, and the slightest argument could descend into all-out war. In which case, changing floors, departments or even jobs could be the only way to get by.

What others will say
All of a sudden you feel like a celeb whose private life is splashed all over the papers. Everyone has to have their say about your private life: "I told you so!", "Let's see if she gets any more promotions and payrises now…" and so on and so forth. It's definitely something to consider about before you lay your hands on the office hottie. However sexy he is, beware the consequences!


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