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 - Love in the workplace
Brad and Angelina, John and Jackie Kennedy, Britney and Justin…they all met in the workplace! But plenty of us mere mortals find love at the office, in less glam - but no less romantic - settings than on film sets (Brangelina), interviews (JFK and Jackie) or TV shows (Britney and Justin).

According to a study by Monster,* one in two Europeans has shared more than just a coffee and a bagel with a work colleague...! But is it really wise to have a liaison with someone you have to come face to face with at 9am on a Monday morning? 

If you're so busy making eyes at him over the coffee machine that you can't concentrate on the job in hand, we say why not?! It might stop you getting in hot water with the boss! Then and again, if it's the boss you're making eyes at, and he's more Daniel Cleaver than Jerry Maguire, we reckon you should think long and hard before you get caught in a compromising situation over the photocopying machine... 

Get our expert's advice on love in the workplace, and read office lovebirds Caroline and Steve's story. And have you ever been tempted by an office liaison? Take our survey

*Source: Vitat



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