Love: How to find your own fairytale love story
Love: How to find your own fairytale love story

Love: How to find your own fairytale love story

Control your own destiny

To find a relationship and make it work, you need to take control over the process by searching for the right type of partner, and acting to ensure the quality of this relationship.

Lots of people expect Prince Charming to appear from nowhere, and they think that whether it works out or not will be down to fate or the cosmos or astrological compatibility rather than anything they might do or not do. Those who believe they can control whether a relationship works or not will ultimately be happier.

Psychologists call this “locus of control.” Some people have an external locus of control, which means they don’t think they have the power to change things.Others have an internal locus of control, which means that they believe they can change their situation with some effort.

Those who have an internal locus of control more often try to make things better rather than passively accepting their fate, and that alone makes a big difference.

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