Love: How to find your own fairytale love story
Love: Why we love the idea of a fairytale romance

Love: Why we love the idea of a fairytale romance

Find a real prince

Or at least your own version of one - after all, with Wills engaged and Harry on and off with Chelsea, the chances are you'll have to be more realistic.
You may have a vision of the handsome prince you want to meet; what they do for a living, where they live, and how old they are—but it’s time to put away the tired old checklist you’ve created over the years and approach finding a life-long partner with fresh eyes.

Of course you have to feel chemistry with your partner, but perfection comes in all guises. It’s worth keeping in mind what’s going to make you happy not just now but in twenty years’ time. (Tip – it’s probably not a washboard stomach, although that would definitely help, as would a healthy bank balance and their own teeth).

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