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Love: do you expect too much?

Profile: You're too demanding

Profile: You're too demanding

You: You're vey demanding. You still believe in the myth of Prince Charming and you want your man to live up to that image: funny, well brought up, friendly, full of surprises, attentive and gorgeous. You want your partner to correspond to the portrait of the ideal man that you've dreamt up, even if it means hassling him so that he'll change and give in to your slightest whim. You're a bit of a tyrant: you're always asking for more and never seem to give him a break. Give him a bit of breathing space!

Our advice: Be careful, you're at risk of losing him! Your partner isn't a lapdog that you can do what you want with: he has his own personality and his own ideas.
Let him exist in his own right and learn to love him for what he is.



Profiles: You're too demanding
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