Learning how to trust again: Relationship advice
Learning to trust someone who has betrayed you
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Learning to trust someone who has betrayed you

This is the tricky one - learning to trust the person who betrayed you.

Can you? Should you? Does everyone deserve a second chance?!

"Some guys learn their lesson and are devastated by what they've done. But when they say that they love you, and that they''ll never do it again, you can usually tell if they really mean it, or if they're just going through the motions to get you back," Christine says.

It can be a really tricky decision to make, especially if kids are involved.

Christine suggests going to counselling. "Men often want to apologize and never talk about it again, but women are more likely to want to talk about it, to process what happened," Christine says.

That's why she thinks talking about it in a structured atmosphere - where you can't just shout nasty names at each other - is a good idea.

She also recommends Julia Cole's book 'After the Affair', which can help people in this tricky situation.

After all, if RPatz can talk it through with KStew...

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