Internet dating: The dos and don'ts of internet dating

Internet dating: The dos and don'ts of internet dating
Internet dating: The dos and don'ts of internet dating

Internet dating has had a comeback. Rather than a geeky, desperate way to meet other sad singles, internet dating has become the on trend way for busy people to find the love they're looking for.

With sites like Parship and eHarmony claiming to find you compatible partners internet dating is no longer a stab into the cyberspace darkness to find someone you actually like.

Last year I went to two "we met online" weddings and it seems couples are no longer ashamed to say the internet is to thank for their match making. 

In some ways internet dating is easier than the real life treasure hunt for the right man or woman. For a start everyone on internet dating site (or at least the majority) are single and are interested in finding a meaningful relationship.
In real life there isn't always time to go looking in bars and gyms and book clubs to find your perfect partner. 

We've spoken to’s relationship scientist, Dr Gian Gonzaga to find out about his dos and don’ts when it comes to internet dating. After all even internet dating has its own set of rules.

So before you 'click for love'  read on to find out how to get the most out of your internet dating dalliance.

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