How to flirt: Tips for guaranteed flirting success
Consider making the first move
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Consider making the first move

Jean's top tip to fool-proof flirting? Put down that drink, get off that stool and get out there!

She says: "I would really encourage women not to be so passive and wait for him to make all the moves.
Rather than getting him to come to you, it should be more about how do you make yourself known - like suddenly being stood next to him without being too obvious." 

Once you've got closer to the guy you want to talk to then opportunities to strike up conversation become easy. Jean says: "Start by asking a question like 'oh is it always this busy?', 'have you been served yet?', or 'that looks like an interesting drink' and let the conversation go from there."

There are other benefits too as Jean explains: "You’ll have a better match if you do the choosing rather than just sitting back and letting them do all the work."

So rather than rolling your eyes through countless slurred vodka breath chat-up lines sat on your seat, get up and make the first move on someone you actually want to talk to. 

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