How to end a relationship
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If you've been together a while, there's definitely some emotional baggage attached to your break-up — but there might be some literal baggage too.

At some point you need to address the logistical task of giving him back all that stuff he left lying in your room, and retrieving anything of your's that's at his place.

To avoid too much to-ing and fro-ing, make a list of everything you need to sort out: do you have each other's house keys? Do you need to close joint accounts or adjust any billing policies?

"Plan in advance to have a couple of options to suggest to him," advises Natalie. "You initiated this, so deal with it. Be mature about it and take charge; be clear and decisive."

And whatever you do, don't use this as an excuse to meet again or to rehash the reasons for your decision!

"Ideally, you organize a time when he is out for you to take his things back to his house, and to collect your things and your keys," Natalie says. "Then lock his front door securely and drop his keys in an envelope through his letterbox."

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