How to end a relationship
Prepare yourself
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Prepare yourself

A 'good' break-up requires some preparation. You need to get yourself ready for the conversation, because the more calm and collected you are, the better it'll go for both of you.

Take some time to think about what you're going to say, how he may respond, and how you might deal with his response.

"Stay focused on the reasons why you have decided to end this relationship," counsels Natalie.

This will stop you from being persuaded out of a decision that you've already carefully considered.

"Think about this before you have the conversation with him," she says. "Know the key reasons — list them out and then remove from the list anything that is ugly, nasty, and unnecessary.

"If you can focus on what isn’t working for you, rather than telling him what’s wrong with him, that will reduce the pain, avoid nastiness and remove conflict."

But avoid "It's not you, it' s me." No one likes to hear that.

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