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Good timing
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Good timing

If you want to do things properly, you need to put some thought into timing.

"Do you break up with someone just before or after their birthday, or an anniversary, if that date is very close by?" muses Natalie. "What day in the week is best?  At the beginning and it might spoil their mood at work for the week, but at the end and it may spoil their weekend..."

An ideal moment isn't going to magically appear, and at some point you need to take the plunge.

If he's in the middle of a family tragedy or his busiest week at work, you could probably try to hold off a while; likewise, if it's his birthday.

But if you have bigger plans together, such as a holiday, things could get tricky. 

"Firstly, you’re prolonging something you know is inevitable, so you're living the lie for longer — would they be angry with you for being so dishonest?" asks Natalie. "Secondly, there is the physical aspect. If you're travelling with someone you're in a relationship with, do you still want to be sharing a bed with them and all that comes with that?"

Ariane agrees that breaking up after a holiday — or another romantic occasion, such as a date or just after sex — isn't a good idea. "It's utterly confusing for the other person," she says.

So if you know it's over, end it sooner rather than later.

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