How to end a relationship
We need to talk
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We need to talk

Now comes the difficult bit: dropping that bombshell.

There's no way around it, so avoid small talk.

"Keep it short and simple," says Ariane. "He'll remember only one or two things from the whole discussion; decide on what you want those to be."

You need to make it crystal clear that you're breaking up with him, and that there's nothing he can do to stop that. People don't change — not that much.

But you don't have to be mean. Natalie suggests the following pointers:

- Avoid blaming him. Take a share of the responsibility for the fact that it didn't work and avoid fighting , but don't overdo the "I'm sorry"s either. 

- Explain to him why things didn't work out. It's only fair to be honest with him. 

- Give him time to let it sink in; don't expect an immediate response. If he wants to talk, listen, but try not to engage in a long conversation that will only stir up both of your emotions.

In short, get in, do it, get out. It's like ripping off a Band-Aid. 

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