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When ending a relationships, there are a few things to avoid at all costs.

It barely needs saying, but don't break up with your guy using technology. We know it's tempting. Don't do it. "It’s the biggest form of avoidance ever and it’s both unacceptable and shows cowardice," says Natalie.

So no texts, no iG-chat, no Facebook chat. Understood?

"Email is just as bad," she adds. "Again and again I hear the excuse that in an email you can say so much more without being interrupted.  Well, if that’s what you think then you’re making this all about you, and not about your partner."

Phone isn't much better, unless you're in a long-distance relationship and getting together is completely out of the question. 

Otherwise, face to face is really the only way — and Natalie insists it's down to you to take the initiative: "It's honourable and fair of you, as the one who is going to break the news,to make the effort to go where your partner lives."

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