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Fun-time flirt

Fun-time flirt

On holiday you enjoy yourself and don't want to get caught up in complicated situations. You really let yourself go and are happy partying until the sun comes up! To do that, you'll need a party animal as a companion, someone who's full of charisma and who shares your crazy party ways...

Who? The barman of the trendiest club, the beautiful boy who sends all girls' hearts racing, the star of a reality TV show or a top DJ.

Plus points: He knows all the trendy places to hang out and he'll get you in to the most exclusive places in the resort. There's no chance of you getting bored.

Downsides: The crowds of admirers around him are ready to do anything to pinch him off you. You'll return home exhausted from your holiday!

Chances of it lasting: A one-night and one-season man only. The memory of that gorgeous beach hunk will stay with you, though, and help you get through the greyness of fall.



Profiles: You'll find yourself a fun-time flirt
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