Have a merry single Christmas
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Have a merry single Christmas
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Have a merry single Christmas

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Still feeling a bit sorry for yourself because you are single at Christmas? Well, we don’t want to get too sanctimonious but maybe it’s time to get some perspective.

Christmas is a wonderful time if you have family, friends, money to buy presents and a roof over your head. But if you don’t have those things Christmas can be a genuinely cold and lonely time. 

At Christmas charities are under serious stress. They have more people in need and fewer volunteers (apart from on Christmas Day when some shelters can be oversubscribed).

Volunteer to do a shift at a soup kitchen, buy and wrap a present for a child who won’t get much this year or simply donate some money you would have spent on needless presents to your favourite charity. It might seem trite - and yes charities need help all year round – but every little bit helps.

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