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Gary and Victoria: 3 chance meetings

Gary and Victoria: 3 chance meetings

Victoria and Gary are 42 and 45 and live on the outskirts of Nottingham. They've been married for 20 years. Gary is a car salesman and Victoria works in a children's home.

Gary: Fate definitely played its part - we were meant to meet. We bumped into each other and I trippped her up. I said to myself "Oh my God she's gorgeous - here's my chance!"

Victoria: It wasn't quite as romantic for me but we did exchange looks, I guess!

Gary: From then on, fate worked its magic. Two days afterwards we saw each other again at the bus stop. I remember we both stopped and looked at each other as if to say "Where have I seen you before?!"

Victoria: The third time - the first time we actually spoke to each other - was a week later in a shop. We both stopped and I said "No way - again!" We started chatting and went out for a drink and that was how our relationship started! So to everyone who doesn't believe in fate: three chance meetings can change your life!


Sarah Horrocks
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