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Antony: "My holiday romance turned into love"

Antony: "My holiday romance turned into love"

Antony, 37, is a computer engineer. He's divorced and lives in London with his partner.

Our love was like a basic instinct! We met on holiday - yep, you're probably thinking "holiday romance" and that was just what I thought, but fate had other ideas. Normally what goes on tour stays on tour, but we ended up together.

We met at a club on holiday and started flirting with each other there. We spent the week together without thinking about afterwards, just not asking ourselves any questions. We were a million miles away from home having fun in the sun.

And then we said goodbye and went home. I called her the day afterwards because I was obsessed and couldn't stop thinking about her. I needed to see her, and she told me she felt the same way and was missing me. It seemed pretty obvious it was the real thing, and we worked it out. Holiday romances can work! 


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