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Katy: "Eventually I gave in"

Katy: "Eventually I gave in"

Katy, 32, a primary school teacher, is divorced and lives in Birmingham. 

I'm really hard to get close to when it comes to love, so Paul had his work cut out before I gave in and went out with him. 

It was a bit like in Pretty Woman when he declares his love for her at the end with flowers. He'd put notes through my letterbox, get flowers delivered once a week, ask me out and still I was quite reluctant, even though I liked him. I was divorced and I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt.

So one day I couldn't help myself and we started seeing each other. Paul's a real gent and never put any pressure on me. I was the one who kissed him for the first time, because in the end I couldn't help my feelings for him.


Sarah Horrocks
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