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Q1 - When was the first time you laid eyes on each other?
In the street
44 %
At a party
36 %
On the other side of the world
19 %
Q2 - When was the first time you sat down and talked?
Over a romantic dinner in a restaurant
58 %
When he took you away for a surprise weekend
14 %
When he invited you round to his flat and decorated the place like a palace in Arabian Nights
26 %
Q3 - What is your favourite memory of being together?
When you first met
42 %
When he first told you he loved you
43 %
The first holiday you had together
14 %
Q4 - Where were you when you first said 'I love you?'
In a romantic spot near your home
38 %
After a long night of passion, you looked each other lovingly in the eyes and told each other how you felt
54 %
He appeared at your house with flowers yelling 'I love you', Pretty Woman-style!
6 %



Sarah Horrocks
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