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The dating diaries: dogging (no, not that sort!)
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How to pull a hot dog daddy


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There’s no time to chicken out or get too nervous – it’s very low pressure which makes both of us super relaxed. Two coffees and more music and dog chat later (I try my best on this score!) we arrange a ‘proper’ date, for next week, sans doggies.

This is totally angst-free too because we’re sat face-to-face sorting it out, rather than fumbling over exchanging numbers and then wondering if he’ll actually get around to setting a date. It’s like we’ve had a (very enjoyable) trial run.

We part with a kiss on the cheek – and a friendly head rub for Cash and Fox – and agree to arrange the specifics of our dinner date in the week. Result.

I take Fox back to her mummy on Sunday night and, well, she’s livid. Not because she thinks I’ve neglected Fox, but because I pulled a hot dog daddy. “I can’t believe you! I go up there every weekend!” It must’ve been new girl’s luck and, I’d like to think, the real Mr Cash is watching over me from somewhere.

I’ll definitely be enlisting Fox’s ‘services’ again but first let’s see how the big date performs without his pulling partner…


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