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The dating diaries: dogging (no, not that sort!)
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Find your inner dog lover


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Before I collect Fox, I have a surf around the net too – always do your research before setting off on a mission – and notice there’s a rampant community of dog lovers out there, sniffing around, if you will, for other dog lovers.

Dating websites like dogsdating.co.uk and datemypet.com are set up as coupling for canines but of course it’s the owners pulling all the moves.

Pinkie is also a regular at a charmingly-named North London pub, The Mucky Pup, so-called because of its friendly attitude to pets and a veritable breeding ground for post-walkies copping off. But what to do if you don’t have the appropriate accessory, ie a dog? Borrow one.

I arrive at Pinkie’s and she hands me Fox’s lead, a squeaky hedgehog toy, a ball and some dog treats. I’m now glad I brought my tote and a pair of leather gloves. I used to have a dog as a child and have spent plenty of time with Fox over the years so it’s not completely alien, in case anyone is worried about dogsploitation.

Fox and I trot off to the heath. Pinkie has told me to head to the pond. This is where it all happens apparently. Sure enough there are a ton of men (and women, boo) throwing balls and watching their dogs run in and out of the pond. At this point I feel like a bit of a fraud. Is it obvious I’m an imposter? I’m wearing a Belstaff jacket so look pretty serious (and cool, natch) but surely true dog lovers will sniff out a wannabe?


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