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The dating diaries: dogging (no, not that sort!) doggie dating!

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Dog Dating state side © Photodisc - The dating diaries: dogging (no, not that sort!) doggie dating!
Dog Dating state side © Photodisc
I’m always up for trying new things in the interest of romance, which is how I find myself freezing my butt off on Hampstead Heath. Before you start thinking it’s something unsavoury à la George Michael (sorry George...) it’s actually very wholesome: I’m dog walking.

My friend Pinkie has gone away so I have offered to dog-sit her gorgeous pooch, Fox. I know; I’m all heart. I’m also a little devious because recently dogs have appeared on my radar as excellent pulling pals.

Pinkie has said as much. Her weekendly jaunts up the heath often find her chatting to fellow dog owners, which leads to coffee, which leads to...

“I think the benefit of meeting someone during walkies is that it's not so contrived”, explains Pinkie over the phone. “You immediately have something very sweet in common without even trying. There are endless things to talk about - where the dog sleeps, what it eats, exercise, favourite walks, dog-friendly pubs, whether you had a dog when you grew up. You become friends on a very personal level, without the contrived setting of a pub, being set up by a friend or being drunk.”

I’m sold.


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