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Disabled dating: successful online dating with a disability

What should I know about online dating with a disability?


Disability dating
Disability dating
Q. I try not to let my disability get in the way of living my life to the full. And I want to try online dating, is there anything else I need to know before start?

Remember that online dating is strange. And it won’t necessarily be easy. No one walks into a crowded bar or a friend’s party and organizes potential love matches according to gender, height, location, age and hobbies. But in online dating that’s exactly what happens.

It can feel brutal. Some people will reject you simply because you’re blonde and they could only ever love a brunette!

This checklist approach is hard for everyone. But when you’re already worried about how your condition is affecting your life, online dating can seem particularly harsh. So it’s important to try and be as comfortable with yourself and your disability as possible.

Dr Julia Armstrong, a relationship coach says: “If you are going to internet date,make sure that you are also working on finding fulfillment and happiness within yourself and in all areas of your life. If you love and accept yourself then even the minefield that is internet dating can be a fun and adventurous process.”

It’s can certainly be worth it. There’s no reason why if you have a chronic illness or disability online dating can’t be just as fun and successful for you as for any other able-bodied dater.

It can even lead to love as Fiona, (a 31 year-old woman who has had chronic depression and severe social anxiety) found out when she met her current love:

“Our first meeting lasted 9 hours. When I told him about my illness, he just hugged me and told me he'd do whatever he could (no attempts to fix me!) and when something from the past came up and caused me all sorts of problems, he couldn't have been more supportive and caring.”

Kaliya agrees online dating can work well for disabled women: “I think these days people don’t get the chance to do nice things for each other very much or to be helpful and I think that one of the positive aspects of disability is that it allow men to help and they quite like that really!”


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