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5 dating resolutions

5 dating New Year’s dating resolutions


Be proactive

 - 5 dating New Year’s dating resolutions
Putting this on his phone ought to do it © Polka Dot
In dating there’s not much room for subtlety and nuance.

If you fancy the man who you see in Starbucks every morning then why not strike up a conversation with him?

The absolute worst that can happen is that he’ll brush you off, but as you he doesn’t know you properly, that’s no skin off your nose.

Or if you go on a date with a guy, and you’re not sure whether he likes you, let him know.

That’s not to say you should launch yourself at him at the end of the date, but you can always send a follow up message.

In 2012 there’s no room for the ‘three-day rule’ or hoping he’ll text first.

Get on with it, and then if he doesn’t respond positively at least you can move on.


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