Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?
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Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?

Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?

Spotting the difference...

There is a big difference between first date jitters and a fear of intimacy, and if you’re dating it pays to know the difference.

Here are three signs your date is dealing with something more than just nerves:

They don’t want to be alone with you

Someone with a fear of intimacy isn’t going to place themselves in any situation that could encourage intimacy, such as a quiet booth in a bar, or a deserted walk home.

They may try to plan activities just to avoid this, and possibly even invite other people to tag along to your date.

They use sarcastic humour

What may at first seem like the sign of a sharp mind, might actually be a defence mechanism. Biting humour is a great way to keep a date at arm’s length, while still coming across as funny.

Rushing to the bedroom

This might seem counterintuitive, but sex does not equal emotional closeness. Someone with a fear of intimacy may be much happier to jump into bed if it means they don’t have to have a conversation about how they feel.

Whether you are worried you have a fear of intimacy, or your partner does, the key is being patient.

The desire to wear your heart on your sleeve doesn’t come over night, but with some encouragement and a comfortable environment you, or they, may just start to relax enough to open up.

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