Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?
Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?

Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?

What fear of intimacy may be hiding...

A lack of confidence

People with a fear of intimacy often believe that revealing their true selves to their date will mean instant rejection; therefore they hide who they really are behind a cold exterior.

Their lack of confidence means that they don’t believe they are worthy of someone else’s affections, and so any new partner will think so too. Or to look at it another way, for these people intimacy means pain - which of course it really shouldn’t.

Old wounds

Past romantic disasters and emotional baggage can really affect someone’s dating behaviour in the present.

Some people take longer than others to heal these wounds, but they still try and date at the same time. And when they do date, they put up barriers in order to protect themselves.

This is one of the reasons why you should only ever date when you are truly ready. If you are still healing from a past relationship, then you will at best be wasting your time, and at worst suffer the pain of rejection all over again when your date experiences you behaving in an emotionally unavailable manner.

Deep secrets

Someone who seems to be keeping their emotions at bay may actually be guarding a deep secret. If this is the case, the person in question can only help themselves. If you are their date, there is little you can do to help - they need to work things out for themselves.

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